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We do our "Green" part!

We recycle your old shingles 

and anything we can!

We Care at Skiba Contracting Ltd!
Get It Done Right the First Time!

How we started; "I first learned how to shingle at a very young age, as one of my first jobs in Saskawan.  I realized I wanted to do this for a living; so I moved to Red Deer and started my company in 2003.  The first years were slow as I didn't have many contacts.  Now I have loyal builders and word of mouth spreads quickly when you find a good contractor in a trade."

What makes us different from the rest? 

Know who is on your roof!  John & our crew! Our employees have been Trained and they are happy to work for us, that makes a difference!!  John himself as Skiba Contracting Ltd. has been serving Red Deer and Area since 2003.  "Now that we have been around the block a time of two, I have heard and seen it all!  Builders & Home Owners are tired of being taken for granted and getting bad work.  We are that company, where you can breathe a sigh of relief and trust us.  We finish our work and we finish it well! We also care about clean up and your yard.  There is many roofing companies out there, but my references and I can assure you, you will be happy you picked us!" 

We have endless references and a good name, just ask around!

Safety is our number one!  Safety with our employees and your home!  We carry WCB and an ample amount of insurance for all your and our needs!  Another aspect to safety is the employees, they need to be trained and we need to be able to trust them on the job.  Our employees are trained fully by John himself and we stand behind them!  We have a great crew that works for us!  They are hardworkers, respectful, and trustworthy and they know the boundries of roofing.  We also realize that roofing expertise takes years of experience, that is why John is on every job we do.  Just to ensure you are getting the best job you can get!

Our "Green" Part - At Skiba Contracting we also try hard to do our part in taking care of the enviroment! We recycle your old shingles on a Re-Roof and anything else we can recycle!  We care about our enviroment!

Serving Red Deer and Area since 2003!

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